What is a cookie?

Cookies and other trackes technologies are files  dropped in your computer when you browse websites or mobile apps. Cookies store browsing information, help improve your browsing experience, display personalised advertising. It all depends on their purpose(s).

What cookies are used on this website?

Google Analytics cookies are used for statistic purpose (it provides statistic such as number of users, click per page page, location (city) of user, IP address) but with this cookies, but we do not seek to identify visitor Privacyvox.com to identify you when browsing the website. We use the information collected to improve the content and the layout of the website.

Your consent is required to drop these cookies and you can opt out of these cookies easily (see below, management of cookies). Your consent will be renewed every 12 months and the information collected is accessible for 18 months.

Social media cookies may also be dropped by WordPress (Gravatar).  It is normally used to share articles, video etc. you can refuse these cookies by setting your browser (see below).

How to manage cookies

1.You can accept or refuse cookies through the cookies banners.

2. You can set your web browser to accept/refuse cookies, here are some guidelines for the most used web browsers:

3.You can implement extension such as Ghostery (easy way to manage cookies when browsing any website). Click here for guidance. This is the most effective ways to manage cookies.

3.You can download the google tool to opt out of Google Analytics cookies. Click here for more information.


For any question or request, do not hesitate to submit your request here.

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