The Guardian has recently revealed that there were  vulnerabilities into the Whatsapp encryption system.

Indeed, because of re-sending system that would change the encryption keys each time a user reply to a message, government agencies could  access any message sent.

The guardian that has revealed and followed the story has published several articles explaining what this vulnerability is about and whether we should be worried about it.

According to the Guardian, it is more a problem where you do not want your message to be read by any governmental agency but people should not be worried about being profiled by Facebook or Whatsapp as it is apparently too expensive for them to use the information in this way.

Find out more about the vulnerability by reading  two interesting “the Guardian” articles explaining what the whatsapp vulnerability is about in more detail and whether or not we should be worried about it:

The Guardian article about the end to end encryption vulnerability

The Guradian article : should we be worried about Whatsapp encryption vulnerability?



Whatsapp Backdoor Loophole Explained by the Guardian

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